We had to redeploy our front-end dashboard to another datacenter to mitigate an issue Google had with their AppEngine in the US Central datacenter.

When attempting to login to your Blocksi Admin dashboard, you might get a message saying "This App is blocked"- please stand by until Google finishes the verification process as we had to re-publish the app.

If you still receive this message please use this alternative link to connect to the Admin Dashboard: test-admin-v2.ew.r.appspot.com

Thank you,
Blocksi Team

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Parent dashboard to manage Screen Time

Classroom Management System with audio/video

Content Filtering for Take-home Chromebook and Windows OS

Student safety - Self-harm, Threats, and Toxicity

Anti-theft and Inventory

Teachers Designed Classroom Management System for In School and Remote Learning

Our Classroom management system allows teachers to monitor every Chromebook and Windows screen in the classroom collectively or individually. It can also be used in Remote learning scenarios, thanks to its unique and safe audio-video conference mode.

The teacher dashboard can also be used to share a URL with every student and also deny access to a specific or all online resources.


This dashboard integrates with:

Teacher dashboard

Real-time screen monitoring

Secure Test mode

K12-designed video conference

Teacher screen sharing

Student screen sharing

Block and Allow on the fly

Live student Analytics per session

Heads-up mode

Enforce / share content

Youtube Filtering

Dynamic Web Filtering



AI-powered tool that allows school administrators, principals, and delegates to detect harmful behaviour on any student’s Gsuite Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Youtube account. Learn about Student safety

Desktop analytics screen
Laptop analytics screen
Mobile Web filters screen
Desktop time control screen
Laptop Blocksi manager screen
Parent dashboard

Parent Dashboard

When Chromebooks are off campus, parents can take an active role in making their children 21st century digital citizens by setting time access controls on Chromebook for streaming content, Youtube, gaming, social networking and more.

This dashboard allows parents to take an active role in monitoring their child's school Chromebook and in enforcing bedtime.

Chromebook laptop Chromebook

K12 Cloud-based content filtering

Chromebook, Windows, iPad, and BYOB support.

Our innovative Dashboard puts the full Blocksi Manager experience at your fingertips. Use it to set filtering policies, collect analytics on managed users, organizational units or recover stolen or lost devices.


What people are saying.

“The first time my 4th and 5th grade teachers were able to access their Blocksi accounts and see students working independently on assignments was magical. Monitoring for the bad turned into evidence of overwhelmingly good.”

Keith Griesser, Principal
Paris Elementary School

“It is amazing! I can control all their Chromebooks, send out links, view their screens, and message them. It has allowed for me to monitor them during asynchronous time and small groups. ”

Alicia Rhoads, Teacher
Santee School District

"Learning all about Blocksi. This will be a great tool during distance learning!"

Mandy Dunn, Teacher
Nordonia Hills City School District

"Best idea ever! So much easier to help kids this way. Blocksi has made distance learning so much better!"

Melissa Garback, Teacher
Cajon Valley Union School District

“For schools looking at distance learning and e-learning ahead of school closures [...] Blocksi is offering classroom management with audio and visual to run classrooms online”

Becky Ozaria, Computer Science Specialist
at CodeCombat
Coffee Break with Ernest

A former educator and current director of education at Blocksi, Ernest Dixon talks everything K12 in his weekly podcast- listen to it anytime on demand on Spotify.

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