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Cloud filtering and classroom management for Chromebooks and Windows-OS devices.

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Youtube and Web filtering for a
21st century learning environment.

Blocksi Manager for Education is the ultimate and most versatile Chromebook Cloud internet filtering and Trend Analysis solution on the market, deployed across thousands of school districts since 2011.

Works seamlessly for Chromebooks located off campus and on campus, relying on Blocksi geographically cloud distributed rating and analytics nodes.

Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere offers 4 Dashboards so that administrators, teachers, guardians, and delegates can team up in making the student a 21st century digital citizen.

Education everywhere datasheet Admin datasheet

Admin dashboard

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Command and control Dashboard for internet and Youtube content filtering on every Chromebook in your school district, with a per GSuite user Analytics and Insights.

Pure Cloud internet Filtering.

Extension-based, Cloud Web and Youtube Filtering for GSuite managed Chromebooks and desktop Chrome clients. Switch to the cloud, forget about centralised appliance.

Geofenced and Time based filtering policy

Geofenced, Time based filtering policy

Scalable to multiple thousand Chromebooks and Windows-OS devices

Seamless off-campus and on campus filtering.

Granular per user Web and Youtube insights

Web and Youtube Analytics, Trend Analysis per user, pdf reports, raw data availability, api access.

Teachers and Parents account management

Teacher and Parent dashboard account management

Multiple Administrators support

Very Large school districts can share among multiple administrators Blocksi Manager on a per school basis

Chromebook Anti-theft

Track the location and activity of Chromebooks; lock Chromebook and display customized message if stolen or lost

Student Safety

Detect harmful behaviour on any student’s Gsuite Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Youtube account.Read more

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